Fair Fuel Policy

At TKO Car Hire we aim to only work with partners offering you a fair fuel policy - so you will get no unpleasant surprises with hidden extras. This option is available in most countries however always check the fuel policy for the car rental supplier you have chosen.   A fair fuel policy means that you return the car with the same amount of fuel you picked it up with.

It is becoming a common practice in many locations that car hire companies implement the "full tank/empty tank" car hire policy. The main issue is that the price of this fuel is hugely inflated and you will pay more at the desk than at the pumps.

TKO Car Hire Policies

Full/Full policy:

You are given the car with a full tank of fuel and you are asked to bring it back with a full tank of fuel. You will have to leave a deposit for the fuel, however the car rental company will only block the funds on your credit card until they have checked that the tank is full at the end of your rental.  If you do not bring it back with a full tank then you may be charged a refuelling charge plus an inflated cost for the missing fuel. Follow the simple rules and you only end up paying for the fuel you have used.

Return as received policy:

This one doesn't really need an explanation, on collection your rental car will have a certain amount of fuel which will be marked on your rental agreement, return it the with the same as collected it with. Always check that the fuel level is the same on the agreement before you leave the rental station.

Pre-Purchase Policy:

If you choose this option you pay for the fuel at the pick-up time and return the car as empty as possible. This option comes in handy if you are in a rush returning you vehicle to the rental station as you do not have to worry about finding a petrol station on the way to drop off your car. 

TKO Car Hire Tips

Make sure you know where the nearest filling station is to where you are returning the car and make sure it is open when you are intending to return.